Obama is the town where you hear your heart and soul

Obama is Okinawa in Kyoto.


When you go to the beach, temples, and just walk around the town, there are not many people and time passes slowly.


Enjoy the beautiful orange sunset which is going down to the Sea of Japan on the beach around 6pm for 30 min.


During the 30 min which you can only hear the waves is the time that you can hear your heart beats, and your soul and mind.


You've got to be tired everyday from your work and studying.


Because of the silent place, you'll remember the actual your own time.   



After you see the beautiful sunset and eat local delicious fish, let's have local Obama sake with us at 21:00 (9pm) then.






Obama was the town where people carry food for imperial family in Kyoto since 1,300 years ago.


Mackerels, puffer fish, and oysters are really delicious  here.


'Dried fish flavoured by soy sauce', Dried fish culture

'Heshiko '(fermented mackerels), Fermented food culture

These food cultures are only in Obama.



There are many kinds of restaurants nearby the station; vegetable main cafe, soba noodle, Italian, Asian, yakitori, and korean BBQ etc.




There are a lot of fantastic nature for motorcycle riding, biking, and fishing.


Speaking of the Sea of Japan, people might think that the waves are rough.

However, it is actually gentle from Fukui to Tottori, Shimane, and Yamaguchi prefectures.

And the mountains and the seaweeds are closer to the ocean,  so the sea's colour is beautiful emerald green. 



It is popular to do activities like SUP and sea kayaking in the clam ocean.

There is a famous place to do deep water soloing which is climbing the rocks and diving to the ocean at Sotomo. 



There are more spots where you can do, relax, and enjoy Obama city like, going on Sotomo cruise, seeing beautiful terraced paddy field, visiting a national treasure temple Myotuji's three pagodas. 



History and Culture


Obama has a special culture because it had connected with emperor 1,300 years ago.


Eco & Sustainability

Previously, making 'lacquer chopsticks' were a side-job for Samurai.

The chopsticks are made of sea shells, egg shells, and lacquer, and the patterns are really unique, so the chopsticks are very popular still these days. 

The chopsticks are not disposable chopsticks, and also those are all handmade. It is sustainable items and good for eco and environment.



Temples & Shrines

Long time ago, during the Warring States, Kyoto was the main place where have a war/battles. 

People wanted to keep the Buddhas safely, and so a lot of Buddhas were moved from Kyoto to Obama by people.

Even during the Warring States, there were less damages in Obama. Then Obama became the largest number of temples (per population) in Japan.

Please enjoy many different Buddhas here.



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